Tips for Choosing a Camping Site

Ready to camp in the nature during the summer? There are a few tips that you should consider before starting your camping journey. Most experienced campers must have considered about the camping site before they started their trip. What you need to consider while you choosing your camping site?


1. Do your research about the location

You need to do a little homework about your camping site, such as reserved areas, animals that could have appear in the area, and seasonality. All these just to make sure that you are aware of the environment while you are camping out there in the while without getting any surprises that you not know of.


2. Advanced reservations

Just to make sure you have make earlier reservations about your camping site. Some camping sites are popular during camping seasons. You might not be able to get a site if you didn’t make your reservation earlier. Or even, you could contact the camping site ranger for more information regarding your camping dates.


3. Close to water areas

Of course you have to consider your camping site near to water supply. Consider your camping site to be near lakes, waterfalls, rivers or seas just to make sure you have enough water supply for cooking and washing. And remember to make sure the water supply near your camping site is clean and suitable for drinking.


4. Beware of low spots

Try to avoid low spots camping area. Look for higher grounds while you are considering your camping site to prevent from weather changes during the night. Raining that last 2 hours could make a huge difference in water level at low spots.


5. Schedule your journey ahead

Setting up your tent may take up some time. Try to schedule a few hours earlier before sunset just to make sure that you have sufficient of time to set up your tent before the sunset. A friendly reminder, remember to include the driving journey of time from your location to your camping site destination.


That’s the tips that you should consider while choosing a camping site. Of course, one last thing, please do remember to keep the camping site clean before you leave. After all, it’s the mother earth we are talking about.

  • Jul 06, 2018
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