Dream House is founded in 2012. Dream House is founded based on the idea of bringing people the perfect dream tent they want.

The ultimate goal of Dream House is to create the perfect ideal tent inspired by the imagination of people around the world – the dream tent.


Outdoor Camping Tent Collection

Driven to provide the frequent campers with the perfect tent and accessories, Dream House has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up to the top of the tent that will provide the warmth and coziness for all seasons. Outdoor Camping Tent Collections come with a variety designs that are able to bring your dreams tents come true.


Indoor Kids Tent Collection

Designed for kids, let their imaginations run wild - the play possibilities with our tent are endless! Never miss the chance to develop your kids’ imagination, creativity and independence etc. The Dream House Indoor Kids Tent Collections come with simple and minimalist designs.



To create the perfect dream tent that can provide both features and beauty.



To be one of the leading tent designs that provides comfort and warmth to all camp lovers.