Simple Tips to Make Teepee Tent More Fun for Kids

Summer is gonna come to an end soon, which means camping outdoor is about to end soon. Luckily for kids, they still can have ‘camping fun’ inside a house. Teepee tents are suitable for kids 3-7 years old and for indoors. We know that some parents love to have their kids playing indoors especially after summer. There are a few tips from our team members’ experiences for indoors tents to be more fun than you think.


1. Make sure that your living room has enough space to fit in the tent

Usually the size of the teepee tent would be approximately 47” (120 cm) x 47” (120 cm). Therefore, the space of to set up the teepee tent should be more than 47” x 47” to fit in the tent. Another 10” x 10” in the living room would be ideal for the teepee tent so that the kids are able to move in and out of the tent freely.


2. Add a mat below the tent

Fall would come after summer, therefore it’s going to be pretty cold at night for kids. It would be warmer and more comfortable if a mat is added below. Besides, adding a mat below the tent also provide a soft surface that feel the same as outdoor camping grounds.


3. Add a few blankets and pillows into the teepee tent

Adding your kids’ blanket and pillows into the teepee tent would be more warm and cozy inside the teepee tent. It also helps to keep warm in the house during fall and winter.


4. Setting up some lighting

Preparing some lighting during at night can change the atmosphere of room a warm environment in the room. It will turn the whole room into a better lighting that are comfortable for indoor camping.


5. Prepare some cookies

Of course, who doesn’t love cookies? All kids love cookies. Prepare some cookies to make sure your kids wouldn’t be hungry during the camping hours.


So, what are you waiting for? Prepare for the indoor tent for your kids right now.

  • Aug 24, 2018
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