Material: the upper cover is made of 285gsm Ripstop Polyester-Cotton Plaid Cloth in Khaki color, waterproof index 2000mm. The fabric seams are sealed. The lower ground sheet is made of heavy-duty 540gsm PVC in dark gray color, waterproof index 5000mm.

The pole are both galvanized and powder coated to strengthen the rust-proof function. The coated debris on the surface may fall off when the poles collide. Don't worry. It will not affect the performance of the tent.

Good ventilation: there are four ventilation holes on the top of the tent. And it comes with four windows on the side wall. All door and windows are mesh screen with zipped canvas flap.

Removable ground sheet: the PVC floor is connected to the upper cover via zippers. And it is totally detachable. Meanwhile there are toggles and loops to hold if you roll up the side walls.

Accessories: tent cover, central pole, door pole, little plastic cap, big stakes, small stakes, wind ropes, user manual.  

Leaking: 1. there is one little plastic cap for the metal spike of the door pole. Please kindly use it to cover the eyelet on the canvas to avoid the water leaking in. 2. The zipper is not watertight. Please kindly use the canvas skirt to cover the zipper to avoid the water leakage from zipper, especially in rainy day. 3. The first time canvas gets wet it may leak, then it will shrink slightly and this should not occur again. 

Windproof grade: the tent can be against 6 degrees wind i.e. 30 miles/hours. It is not advisable to use this tent when the windstorm is heavier than 6 degrees. 

Maintenance: keep the tent clean and in bone-dry conditions when store it. 


The lifespan of your bell tent is very dependent upon the camping conditions and the way you look after. Air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, natural and domestic dirt, all limit the lifespan of the tent. In short, if you look after your tent it will look after you for many years of camping.


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