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Shade is a compact, portable shade device, made to protect our faces while we enjoy the sun.

Summertime all about getting outdoors and enjoying the sun in any way we can. Unfortunately, the downside to this enjoyment is sunburn and the ageing effects that comes from being in the sun, especially on our faces. Many people can’t use sunscreen on their faces due to certain skin conditions, and many others just don’t want to, especially if wearing make-up.



  1. Small size and easy installation.
  2. Inflatable pillow for more comfortable rest and can hold drinks
  3. Several seconds inflating. Just blowing it up using mouth.
  4. In hot weather, you can also fill the pillow with water to get cool feeling.
  5. Back mesh for more air in, breathable.
  6. Inside hanging pocket so you can put your phone or keys in.


Item: Head Shade

Size: 50cm Long, 50cm High

Cover material: UV protected Nylon Lycra

Tent skeleton: PVC strips

Pillow: detachable inflatable pillow, can Hold Water for Ice Compress

Color: Purple

Packing: in carry bag then box

Package includes: 1 x shade, 1 x pillow, 1 x carry bag

Packing size and weight: 56x35x6cm/1.3kg


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